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Top 5 Most Committed Crimes Worldwide

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Crimes are acts that are done against the law and are punishable by the authority.

Some crimes happen more often than others all over the world.

Top 5 Most Committed Crimes Worldwide.

5. Robbery

Robbery is a very common and violent crime because sometimes it involves hurting innocent people. People can be hurt physically, mentally or even emotionally when the thieves are taking what belongs to them. Mugging is also robbery. Sticking up a convenience store or a small supermarket is also robbery. Robbery crimes are all over the world and anyone anywhere can be a victim. One should learn defensive skills so as to defend themselves from thieves and thugs.

4. Consumption of illegal drugs.

Some drugs such as cocaine, Marijuana are illegal in many countries in the world. Consumption of these illegal drugs is a common crime committed all over the world. It is one of the worst committed crimes in the world. Selling and use of illegal drugs is prohibited by the law. If you are caught using or selling these drugs can lead to serious consequences. Selling illegal drugs brings a lot of money and so many countries consider dealing drugs a huge headache.

3. Traffic-Related Crimes.

Traffic-related crimes happen all the time all over the world. Traffic-related crimes do not only involve violating traffic lights or signs they also involve accidents that are caused by people who drive drunk or high. Traffic-related crimes also involve cases of hit-and-run accidents. Small accidents such as motorists hurting pedestrians and running away from the situation are also crimes that happen all over the world and they need to be seriously controlled.

post22. Assault.

If one is physically hurt by another person that is assault. If you are caught committing such a crime you will be charged with a crime and for all the damages your actions may have caused. Assault is mostly triggered by anger or other crimes. Assault is one of the common crimes that happen in places where people do not trust any law enforcement that serves honest justice for them. The people decide to take the law into their own hands.

1. Theft.

Theft is a crime that is committed all over the world. This crime is usually against property so it is not as violent as robbery though they mostly mean the same thing. Theft is mostly triggered by a person’s economic situation. Theft comes in different types such as motor vehicle theft which is a very common crime in the United States. Theft is also committed in other places through home or office invasion.

These are some of the most committed crimes all over the world that have left many people hurt physically, mentally and emotionally.

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